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Mountains of Central Asia

Zoï is leading the Ecosystem Profile process for the Mountains of Central Asia, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). The Ecosystem Profile, to be launched in May 2017, will be the base for future grant-making to civil society groups working in the region.
Regional consultations are held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on December 12.

Key biodiversity areas, version 1.0 для комментариев / Ключевые районы биоразнообразия, версия 1.0 для комментариев

Protected areas / сеть ООПТ     

Land use / землепользование    

Topography / рельеф местности

Table annexes to the report:     
Ecosystem Profile cartoons:     English
Flyer:     English     Russian     Chinese     Dari
CSO questionnaire:     English     Russian     Chinese     Dari


Online map of key biodiversity areas


Drones in Humanitarian Action

Drones have become functional, user friendly and cheap enough, to significantly help in humanitarian crises. That is one of the key findings of the research initiative “Drones in Humanitarian Action”, which examines different uses of drones for humanitarian operations. It was presented by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), in partnership with CartONG, UAViators and Zoi Environment Network during the EU Humanitarian Aid Annual Partners’ Conference in Brussels. The corresponding report, produced by Zoï, is available as an ebook and in PDF format.

Executive summary (PDF)

Press release (PDF)



Atlas of Environmental Migration (now in English and French)

Zoï conceptual infographics are featured in the ‘Atlas of Environmental Migration’, the first and only illustrated book that maps environmental migration, clarifies terminology and concepts, draws a typology of migration related to the environment and climate change, describes the multiple factors at play, explains the challenges, and highlights the opportunities related to this phenomenon.
The English version of the atlas is available here:
The French version, produced by the IOM and SciencesPo, is available here:
Some of the key graphics in English  can be found on the IOM website:
Climate Policy in Central Asia, South Caucasus and Eastern Europe
New country scorecards are available for Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and for a non-specialist audience we have developed a cartoon summary ‘Addressing climate change - EU and Central Asia’.
Ukraine scorecard:
PDF:     English     Russian
Ebook:     English     Russian   
Russia scorecard:
PDF:     English
Ebook:     English
Updated scorecards for countries of Central Asia are available on our Publications page, as well as on Zoï ISSUU.
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