zoï@november 2014

Mercury action

While the international negotiations on the Minamata convention on Mercury continue with the INC6 in Bangkok in November 2014, Zoï in cooperation with UNEP and the environmental authorities of Kyrgyzstan remain engaged into addressing environmental issues related to the last exporting mercury mine of the world located in Khaidarkan, Kyrgyzstan.


Visual Climate Change

With IPCC's fifth assessment (AR5) now out in the public, Zoï is also updating some maps and graphics, such as the synthesis map for Africa.




Climate Change and Swiss Development Cooperation.

What are the results of Swiss climate change cooperation over the past 12 years, and how efficient have Swiss climate projects been? Zoï was tasked, together with its partners Gaia Consulting Oy and Creatura Ltd, to assess the effectiveness of Switzerland’s international cooperation in climate change and reviewed more than 500 projects by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. The focus of Zoï’s work was to distil the key findings of the assessment into a report for policy-makers and a short animated film for a larger public. The report was launched at the SDC/SECO Annual conference in Geneva on August 29, 2014.


Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Although they were published several years ago, the Zoï reports 'Taking Land' and 'Coalland' remain of interest today. As a matter of fact they give a solid background analysis of environment and security issues in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.


"Taking Land" pdf

"Coalland" pdf



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