Climate Policy in Central Asia

On behalf of the EU DG Climate, Zoï analyzes regional climate policy issues and has facilitated meetings in all Central Asian Republics. To convey the messages to a wider audience,climate change cartoons are produced and disseminated.




What to do when high water comes

Households in Ukraine and Moldova will through their civil protection agencies receive Zoï-designed leaflets “What do do when high water comes” as a concrete measure of disaster risk reduction. Ukrainian and Romanian language versions can be found in the Publications section and on our Issuu page.



Tajik-Afghan cooperation

Zoï, UNECE and OSCE are supporting Tajik-Afghan cooperation along the Pyadj and upper Amu Darya basins. The main goals discussed at the meeing in Dushanbe on July 30-31 2015 are:


- Adaptation to climate change

- Management of frequent and severe floods

- A joint action plan for 2015–2017 on hydrology and environment

- Protection of vulnerable ecosystems.


Green Economy in Belarus

What can ordinary people do for the environment? This is a short video explaining the concept of 'green economy’ to the public in Belarus.






Annual Report

The Annual Report for 2014 is now out, available in pdf and ebook format.

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