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Climate Change and Security
Zoï has supported the OSCE-led assessment under the Environment and Security (ENVSEC) initiative.The goal is to identify and explain how climate change may exacerbate threats to security, and to propose effective measures in response for Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus. 
The synthesis report (English, Russian) provides a regional overview, the detailed assessments of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus provide more in-depth analysis.


Metromaps: Water Connects!

Maps of Central Asia and Switzerland-Europe produced for the high-level conference “Blue Peace Central Asia: Dialogue for 2030 - Water Security and Inclusive Growth” organized by Switzerland in Astana on June 19, 2017.

Event link



River System in Central Asia (English / Russian)

Switzerland and the European River System (English / Russian)


SDC SECO Effectiveness Report on Employment

The report was launched at the SDC Annual Conference in Lausanne on June 23. Zoï has produced the public report (English, French, German), an executive brochure (English) a short animated movie and three storytelling films (on our Vimeo channel).



Mountains of Central Asia

Zoï is leading the Ecosystem Profile process for the Mountains of Central Asia, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). The Ecosystem Profile, launched in summer 2017, is the base for future grant-making to civil society groups working in the region.



Annual Report 2016

The annual report for 2016 has been published, physically in the form of a foldable map, available online in ebook and PDF format.

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