zoï@january 2015

War and environment in Ukraine

This snapshot assessment of environmental damage to the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine, plagued throughout much of 2014 with fighting that still continues, was prepared through cooperation between Zoï Environment Network and the Kyiv-based East Ukraine Environment Institute. To assess the situation and compile the map, the experts used the best available information from governmental and other sources and media reports, as well as their own data, judgements and direct interviews with the affected enterprises and areas. As new data are being collected, this remains work in progress.


Climate change - Geneva talks

On their road to Paris (COP 21 in December) the climate negotiators make a stopover in Geneva on February 9-13. 
This is another opportunity to feature our animated film ‘Integrated climate risk management for a resilient world’.


Mines and Money

How about sustainability? Zoï was present at the London conference in early December looking for inspiration from miners and investors, and also promoting our ‘better mining’ activities. The brochure linked to the event can be found here or in the Publications section of our website.


What to do when high water comes

Households in Ukraine and Moldova will through their civil protection agencies receive Zoï-designed leaflets “What do do when high water comes” as a concrete measure of disaster risk reduction.



Cooperation with the ECO

Zoï is cooperating with the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) in developing a strategy for climate financing in the ECO region. The region member states of ECO are shown on the Zoï map.




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