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Climate Policy in Central Asia

Starting with Kyrgyzstan in March, Zoï will visit all Central Asian countries. This will be done in order to improve knowledge on regional climate policy issues for the EU’s Directorate General for Climate Action (DG Clima).


Cooperation with the ECO Secretariat

Zoï will have meetings with the secretariat of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) in Tehran to develop a strategy for forest and climate financing in the ECO region. The forests in this mostly semi-aride climate pose particular challenges with regards to protection, preservation and restoration.


What to do when high water comes

Households in Ukraine and Moldova will through their civil protection agencies receive Zoï-designed leaflets “What do do when high water comes” as a concrete measure of disaster risk reduction. Ukrainian and Romanian language versions can be found in the Publications section and on our Issuu page.


Assessment of Global Megatrends (SOER2015)

On March 2nd, the European Environment Agency published ‘The European environment – state and outlook 2015’ (SOER 2015), a five-year integrated assessment of Europe’s environment. Zoï has assisted the EEA by providing analysis and visualisation of 11 global megatrends - social, economic, political, environmental and technological changes - that are considered of key importance for Europe’s long-term environmental outlook.

The report can be accessed here.


War and environment in Ukraine

This snapshot assessment of environmental damage to the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine, plagued throughout much of 2014 with fighting that still continues, was prepared through cooperation between Zoï Environment Network and the Kyiv-based East Ukraine Environment Institute. To assess the situation and compile the map, the experts used the best available information from governmental and other sources and media reports, as well as their own data, judgements and direct interviews with the affected enterprises and areas. As new data are being collected, this remains work in progress.



Our animated movies can be viewed on our vimeo site.





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