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Metromaps: Water Connects!

Maps of Central Asia and Switzerland-Europe produced for the high-level conference “Blue Peace Central Asia: Dialogue for 2030 - Water Security and Inclusive Growth” organized by Switzerland in Astana on June 19, 2017.

Event link



River System in Central Asia (English / Russian)

Switzerland and the European River System (English / Russian)


SDC SECO Effectiveness Report on Employment

The report was launched at the SDC Annual Conference in Lausanne on June 23. Zoï has produced the public report (English, French, German), an executive brochure (English) a short animated movie and three storytelling films (on our Vimeo channel).



Mountains of Central Asia

Zoï is leading the Ecosystem Profile process for the Mountains of Central Asia, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). The Ecosystem Profile, launched in summer 2017, is the base for future grant-making to civil society groups working in the region.


Coming soon: Central Asia Waste Outlook

Central Asia is witnessing an impressive transformation from a region richly endowed with waste legacies - including radioactive, mining and industrial waste - to an increasingly functioning waste management system. The Waste Management Outlook for Central Asia, to be published soon, provides a richly illustrated synthesis of the global waste challenges, facts and figures from the countries and an executive regional outlook.


Drones in Humanitarian Action

Drones have become functional, user friendly and cheap enough, to significantly help in humanitarian crises. That is one of the key findings of the research initiative “Drones in Humanitarian Action”, which examines different uses of drones for humanitarian operations. It was presented by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), in partnership with CartONG, UAViators and Zoi Environment Network during the EU Humanitarian Aid Annual Partners’ Conference in Brussels. The corresponding report, produced by Zoï, is available as an ebook and in PDF format, while a video can be viewed above or on Vimeo.

Executive summary (PDF)

Press release (PDF)

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