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Mountains of Central Asia

Zoï is leading the Ecosystem Profile process for the Mountains of Central Asia, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). The Ecosystem Profile, launched in summer 2017, is the base for future grant-making to civil society groups working in the region.

All the publications linked to the project can be found on the CEPF website.

The visual summary and a summary in cartoons are available on our Publications page.


Mercury: Waste, Waste Training and Trade

The Global Mercury Waste Assessment (ebook, pdf) describes the current mercury waste management practices in selected countries around the world. The data relating to mercury waste, such as inventories, thresholds and mercury concentrations in municipal and hazardous wastes, were limited or did not exist, and the amount of mercury in waste at the global level remains unclear. One important finding, however, is clear: the gap between the provisions of the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the current mercury waste management practices is wide. The assessment has been developed by UN Environment with support from Zoï.

A course on mercury waste, aimed at government officials and practitioners dealing with mercury waste issues worldwide, offers guidance for understand better how to manage mercury wastes in an environmentally sound manner, as stipulated by the Minamata Convention and the Basel Convention. It is structured around six main modules, and will take approximately four hours to complete, not counting further reading. After completing all the units you may attempt a final quiz and obtain a certificate of completion. The course has been developed by the International Environmental Technology Centre of UN Environment, in collaboration with Zoï. (Take the course)

A response by the world’s nations to the abundant evidence of the negative effects of mercury pollution on human health and the environment, the Minamata Convention on Mercury entered into force on 16 August 2017. The Convention includes provisions to control the supply, trade and use of mercury. This report provides an overview of the current state of these activities in order to assist governments and other stakeholders as the Convention moves into the implementation phase. The most important findings and observations are summarized here (ebook, pdf).


Water as an Asset for Peace

The Atlas of Risks and Cooperation (ebook, pdf) published by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation provides a concise and visual overview of problems and solutions linked to water and security. Zoï has developed a conceptual model for analysing water conflicts according to physical and institutional criteria. A set of beautiful regional maps illustrate the hot spots and Switzerland’s engagement around the world.



Waste Management in Central Asia

Central Asia is transforming itself from a region bogged down by mining and industrial waste legacies and poor municipal waste management to a safer and more pleasant place to live through site clean-ups and increasingly effective waste management systems. A lot still remains to be done, but the outlook for the region is much less gloomy than just a few years ago. The Waste Management Outlook for Central Asia provides a richly illustrated synthesis of the regional waste challenges, along with facts and figures from the countries. Communication maps, diagrams, illustrations and case studies from all over the region complement the well-researched text. The outlook guides the reader from global principles to local management solutions. Policymakers in the region, practitioners worldwide and non-specialists and the general public alike will appreciate the easily understandable text and illustrations.

The report is available in English (pdf, ebook) and Russian (pdf, ebook).



Zoï supports the UN Environment Management Group in visual communication. Beside giving a fresh new look to the EMG logo, we have produced executive brochures of the peer review process and the Synthesis report on E-waste.

Peer Review Process:     pdf     ebook

E-Waste report:     pdf     ebook




Annual Report 2016

The annual report for 2016 has been published, physically in the form of a foldable map, available online in ebook and PDF format.

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