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Forest Restoration Handbook

Are you working on land-use or conservation policies? Or landscape-level programmes? Perhaps you are involved in the forest, agriculture or energy sector? Are you interested in exploring the potential for restoration and carbon sequestration in your country? Maybe you have been asked to take part in an FLR assessment? Or maybe you are simply curious to learn more about what this is all about.

Zoï has helped IUCN publish a highly visual methodology handbook '"Assessing forest landscape restoration opportunities at the national level". The goal is producing support for restoration and coming to a common vision of how degraded and deforested landscapes can be transformed into healthy and productive systems.


Supporting cooperation on climate policy 

Over the next three years, Zoi will assist the Directorate-General of Climate Action (DG Clima) of EU in analysing national climate policies in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Possible entry points for EU’s climate policy and climate dialogue in 12 countries in the EECCA region will be identified. Zoi will use its accumulated climate and environmental intelligence of the eastern region, complemented by further background research, targeted country missions, and frequent dialogue with DG Clima and other EU institutions.

Here is a flyer about the project.


Mapping climate change and security

Zoï is working on maps and diagrams which illustrate the links between climate change and security. The frame is a region-wide study by the ENVSEC initiative. 





Mapping Water 2014

Maps, graphics, comics: Zoï has compiled a portfolio of maps and infographics produced for the SDC water programme during the last year. A more comprehensive annotated handbook with examples and guidance for practitioneers is planned to be published at the end of this year.

The ebook can be found here.



Mapping Ecosystems Services in Peru

In cooperation with Forest Trends, Zoï is exploring the potential for visualizing ecosystems services in various watersheds in Peru. The maps will be featured at the upcoming Katoomba XX meeting in Peru at the end of April 2014.

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